Pagrindinės taisyklės ir sutartis

1. "The angel of death." the duration of the game is up to 60 minutes, the duration may depend on how fast players will solve all tasks. 2. To "the angel of death." escape room we recommend to go to persons over 18 years of age. 15-17 years of age may participate with an accompanying adult. The younger ones participate strictly forbidden. 3. "the angel of death." a team of 3-5 people can participate in the game. 4. Participate in “the angel of death.” the game is forbidden for people with chronic diseases (epilepsy, asthma, cardiac, mental, etc.). 5. "the angel of death." it is not advisable for pregnant women and people with strong phobias. Individuals in these categories assume full responsibility. 6. Participate in “the angel of death.” in the game under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances substances are strictly prohibited. 7. "the angel of death." resistance or the use of physical force is strictly forbidden in the escape room against personnel, damage inventory. Otherwise, the escape room administration retains the right to stop the game without warning. 8. All “the angel of death.” game participants agree to feel physical and emotional discomfort. 9. All “the angel of death.” game participants must leave all electronic before the start of the game devices in designated areas. Filming and photographing during the game is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the escape room administrator reserves the right to suspend without notice game. At the end of the game, you will be allowed to take pictures in the space provided. 10. If you do not come to the game or are more than 10 minutes late, the advance will not be refunded. When stopped the game for non-compliance is non-refundable. 11. All teams have the option to terminate the game using a special character you escape the room administrator will provide before the game starts. Terminating the game voluntarily, money non-refundable. 12. "the angel of death." The administration reserves the right to use the entire photo taken during the game and video material for your own purposes. 13. Before the game, each "the angel of death." the escape room participant must sign that got acquainted with the rules.